Residential Power Washing

Spartanburg and Greenville Residential Power Washing

Power washing is the heavy-hitting alternative to a soft wash. It is a chemical-free process that relies on high water pressure to do the cleaning. It offers a solution to removing what the chemicals from a soft wash cannot, such as chipping paint on a home or business or getting rid of the pesky oil stains in your driveway!

Want to power wash your home, sidewalks, or driveway? Look no further! Call Under Pressure Pro SC, LLC at 864-764-0200 for an immediate, free, no-obligation price quote. All Shane needs is the square footage of the area needing to be cleaned! If the square footage is unknown, Shane can provide information on how to determine that during the quoting process. Schedule your residential power wash today! We serve the Spartanburg and Greenville area in South Carolina!

front of house and driveway